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Our Mission

Tattoo is the way you make your skin talk, it’s both a lifestyle and in the culture we’re rooted in. Today Tattoo Store Birmingham, is home to professional, arts educated, tattooists that excel in their styles, sharing their vision through their art.

The evolution and impact of tattooing can be traced throughout human history, from the ancient civilizations, to the underworld of Japan, to the first American sailors and most cultures around the globe. A tradition of expression through a creative process with permanence has carried through to our identity in this contemporary, yet timeless form of art.

This Vision is a statement of trust and quality, it is the expression of the bond we share with everyone we’ve met.

The studio has been here in Birmingham City Center for 20 years, a testimony to the connections we’ve formed with customers throughout the years. Through the years we’ve grown and evolved and continue to do so, with the goal of giving our patrons the very best. We look forward to welcoming you into our studio.

Meet Our Artists


Tattooing professionally since 2013; having developed his style by using a variety of media and taking inspiration from ancient Japenese artwork and Renaissance art.
Giving each piece of work he is commissioned to do with a care and seriousness that it
deserves; he gives a part of himself in the artwork he creates.


César has inherited a love for all things colourful, maybe influenced by the natural light and vibrancy of colours of his home town in Brazil.
Inspired by his art studies, César’s artwork is a mix of the traditional tattoo style with modern elements, like abstraction and geometry. His favourite subjects are animals and plants.
Best known for his clean line work and exceptional technique applying colours, his tattoos are bright and vivid, and you can easily identify his unique style.
Having been tattooing since 1998 and in different countries, César has knowledge and expertise to guide you through your tattooing process, helping you to have the best experience possible. Plus, he speaks Portuguese, Italian and Spanish in case you prefer to communicate in your native language.
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